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75MDX: The good, the bad, and the ugly2020-10-05
74Website: The Next.js Generation2020-09-20
73Dutch rolling stock, recreated using HTML and CSS2020-05-05
72When testing meets code review: Why and how developers review tests2019-12-08
71Finding the data unicorn: A hierarchy of hybridity in data and computational journalism2019-12-01
70Conway’s Game of Life: Creating complex patterns from simple rules2019-12-01
69Evaluating ontological decisions with OntoClean2019-11-24
68Are static analysis violations really fixed?2019-11-17
67Search as a news curator: The role of Google in shaping attention to news information2019-11-10
66Join the ACM for the magazine, stay for the books2019-11-05
65Allonsay’s language classification algorithm2019-11-05
64Automating chaos experiments in production2019-11-03
63Has Apple lost its mind?2019-11-01
62Understanding children’s perception of privacy risks online2019-10-27
61Finding the most common words in a set of texts for a word cloud2019-10-25
60Using planning poker for combining expert estimates in software projects2019-10-20
59Negative results for software effort estimation2019-10-13
58(Not) looping over lists in PHP2019-10-10
57Scalable transfer patterns2019-10-06
56China Southern Airlines2019-10-01
55Gender diversity and women in software teams2019-09-29
54Understanding large-scale software – A hierarchical view2019-09-22
53Practitioners’ views on good software testing practices2019-09-15
52Beyond the code itself: How programmers really look at pull requests2019-09-08
51Migrating to GraphQL: A practical assessment2019-09-01
50Robot journalism at NOS2019-05-27
49The use of UML in software maintenance and its perceived benefits and hurdles2019-05-26
48Is beautiful really usable?2019-05-19
47What is beautiful is usable2019-05-12
46Uncovering architectural design decisions2019-05-05
45Studying the impact of adopting continuous integration on the delivery time of pull requests 2019-04-28
44Exploring ScrumBut – An empirical study of Scrum anti-patterns2019-04-21
43Cross-cultural web usability model2019-04-14
42Teamwork quality and project success in software development: A survey of agile development teams2019-04-07
41How do design decisions affect the distribution of software metrics?2019-03-31
40Do software engineers use autocompletion features differently than other developers? 2019-03-24
39Does it really matter to test-first or to test-last?2019-03-17
38I’m leaving you, Travis: A continuous integration breakup story2019-03-10
37Intrusion of software robots into journalism2019-03-03
36Measuring perceived usability: The CSUQ, SUS, and UMUX2019-02-24
35On the usage of Pythonic idioms2019-02-10
34Empirical study on the relationship between developer’s working habits and efficiency 2019-02-03
33Do programmers work at night or during the weekend?2019-01-27
32JIT feedback – what experienced developers like about static analysis2019-01-20
31Micro-clones in evolving software2019-01-13
30Deep code comment generation2019-01-06
29Deep code search2018-12-30
28Loud and interactive paper prototyping in requirements elicitation: What is it good for? 2018-12-23
27Learning from mistakes: An empirical study of elicitation interviews performed by novices 2018-12-16
26Are developers aware of the architectural impact of their changes?2018-12-09
25Are code examples on an online Q&A forum reliable? A study of API misuse on Stack Overflow 2018-12-02
24Building a theory of job rotation in software engineering from an instrumental case study 2018-11-25
23Code smells for model-view-controller architectures2018-11-18
22Predicting estimated time of arrival for commercial flights2018-11-11
21Fake news vs satire: A dataset and analysis2018-11-04
20Does goal-oriented requirements engineering achieve its goal?2018-10-28
19A large-scale empirical study on linguistic antipatterns affecting APIs2018-10-21
18Recreating Conway’s Game of Life using React2018-10-17
17Automatically assessing code understandability: How far are we?2018-10-14
16Software development waste2018-10-07
15Belief & evidence in empirical software engineering2018-09-30
14How not to structure your database-backed web applications2018-09-23
13Do you remember this source code?2018-09-16
12Enhancing person-job fit for talent recruitment: An ability-aware neural network approach 2018-09-09
11An industrial evaluation of unit test generation: Finding real faults in a financial application 2018-09-02
10Online job search: Study of users’ search behavior using search engine query logs 2018-08-26
9We don’t need another hero? The impact of “heroes” in software development2018-08-19
8Rethinking thinking aloud: A comparison of three think-aloud protocols2018-08-12
7When not to comment: Questions and tradeoffs with API documentation for C++ projects 2018-08-05
6Characteristics of useful code reviews: An empirical study at Microsoft2018-07-29
5The impact of code review coverage and code review participation on software quality 2018-07-22
4Datetime formatting in Go2018-06-10
3Using data to improve your bus and train rides2017-06-30
2Creating student magazines with LaTeX and Bonaparticle2016-01-31
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