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257How to run Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 on Windows 10 and 11 2024-07-12
256Supersharers of fake news on Twitter during the 2020 US presidential election2024-06-09
255Nutteloze feitjes over Nederlandse treinstations2024-06-07
254Why some researchers publish in predatory journals2024-05-26
253I find it hard to rate Final Fantasy VIII2024-04-12
252Can public service broadcasting survive Silicon Valley?2024-03-17
251Rendering text on a pixel grid2024-03-01
250This is my 250th post on this website2024-02-28
249Sharing software engineering research on LinkedIn2024-02-25
248A command-line scrobbler for Dutch public radio stations NPO Radio 1, 2 and 3FM2024-01-24
247PHP developers hate him! Find out these weird tricks they don’t want you to know!2024-01-20
246Solliciteren kun je leren2024-01-07
245My 2023 in review2023-12-31
244Level up your Dockerfiles with these tips and tricks2023-12-30
243How cellular-based technologies have transformed live broadcasting2023-12-24
242Helm may be a popular solution, but not necessarily a safe one2023-12-17
241Fight and commit crimes as an undercover cop in LEGO City2023-12-15
240A theory of Scrum team effectiveness2023-12-10
239Oud nieuws (2012)2023-12-07
238How software developers deal with flaky tests2023-12-03
237This is a periodic reminder to add train emojis to your Slack workspaces2023-12-01
236Why people find it hard to review code2023-11-26
235Improving search results using query expansion2023-11-20
234Chinese megacities and what they are known for2023-11-13
233A comparison of open tracing tools2023-11-12
232Fundamental principles of InfoSec explained using two three-letter acronyms2023-11-10
231Wat doet een ondernemingsraad eigenlijk?2023-11-07
230GitHub Actions is eating the world2023-11-05
229Get cheered on when you complete JIRA tickets2023-11-01
228How laypeople try (and fail) to design LLM prompts2023-10-29
227On maintaining a technical blog in the age of conversational AI2023-10-24
226Can a good philosophical contribution be made just by asking a question?2023-10-22
225How long does it take for a child to pass a LEGO figurine head?2023-10-08
224Veelgemaakte Nederlandse spelfouten (die je spellingscontrole niet doorheeft)2023-10-07
223My boulevard of broken side project dreams2023-10-01
222There is a time and place for log statements, but when and where?2023-09-24
221A gentle (re-)introduction to Scrum, a framework for project teams2023-09-20
220What makes developers tick (like a time bomb)2023-08-27
219Defining the public value of public service media2023-08-13
218Let’s build a simple journey planner using SQL (part 3, that you can run yourself) 2023-08-01
217Best practices for infrastructure-as-code (IaC) scripts2023-07-30
216New PHP 8 language features that you may have missed2023-07-25
215I built a theme park in OpenRCT2 based on things that are wrong in tech 2023-07-22
214“How is your thesis going?”2023-07-16
213Enhancing the pull request experience with meta-bots2023-07-02
212Let’s build a simple journey planner using SQL (part 2 of probably more than 2) 2023-07-01
211Upgrading to a Google Pixel 7 Pro from a Huawei P30 Pro2023-06-28
210Portrayal of Tetrarchic rule in the Roman Empire2023-06-18
209Effectively onboarding newcomers into agile project teams2023-06-04
208Let’s build a simple journey planner using SQL (part 1 of definitely more than 1)2023-06-01
207A review of the Logitech MK295 silent wireless keyboard and mouse set2023-05-29
206Proactively detect and fix flaky tests in your test suite2023-05-21
205Make your hiring process a positive experience for everyone2023-05-14
204What makes a team good at Scrum?2023-05-07
203Visiting Dutch museums with a Netherlands Museum Pass2023-05-01
202Why is everyone on TikTok?2023-04-30
201Migrating pods between Kubernetes nodes (without killing them)2023-04-23
200The colours of Chuniversiteit2023-04-18
199How to stimulate creativity and innovation in distributed journalistic teams 2023-04-16
198Execute commands and long-running scripts in the background using screen2023-04-10
197How to write good commit messages2023-04-09
196Calculating the bus factor2023-04-02
195Handling model inheritance in Laravel’s Eloquent ORM without third-party libraries (is a bad idea)2023-03-30
194What does toxicity look like in open-source projects?2023-03-26
193A quick-start guide to public transport in Hong Kong2023-03-22
192Bad practices in continuous integration pipelines and processes2023-03-05
191A long-term review of the M1 MacBook Pro2023-03-04
190Five things that are (not) made in Japan2023-03-01
189The product backlog2023-02-26
188Five things that are (not) made in China2023-02-20
187Cargo-cult containerisation2023-02-19
186Coalaty: A static analysis tool for comments2023-02-17
185How to write good code comments2023-02-15
184Cargo cults in software engineering2023-02-12
183What does China’s foreign policy really look like?2023-02-05
182Xi Jinping Thought on Software Engineering with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era 2023-02-01
181Take note of these notes on note-taking2023-01-30
180Should scientific papers be written using Word or LaTeX?2023-01-29
179How many unit tests should you write?2023-01-25
178Science communication is a skill that needs to be taught2023-01-22
177Naming things is hard: Hong Kong street names edition2023-01-22
176The Chicago and London schools of TDD2023-01-20
175Continuous integration practices (Taylor’s version)2023-01-15
174How to find previously used terminal commands in Linux and macOS2023-01-10
173What software development teams should document in their Confluence space2023-01-09
172First make the tests easy, then make the easy tests2023-01-08
171Structure your tests using the Arrange-Act-Assert pattern2023-01-05
170A (very incomplete) guide to Gen Z language2023-01-01
169My 2022 in review2022-12-31
168Why “Nigerian” scammers say they are from Nigeria2022-10-30
167When machine learning meets software engineering2022-10-23
166Lessons learnt from preserving the Amsterdam Digital City online community2022-10-16
165How many spaces should you indent your code?2022-10-09
164Everything that management needs to know about technical debt2022-10-02
163Easter eggs on Chuniversiteit.nl2022-10-01
162How to manually refresh web page previews in Twitter cards2022-09-30
161Neurotic software developers have a higher risk of burnout2022-09-25
160Please allow me to introduce mysel–… my personal user manual2022-09-24
159How developers perceive and deal with architecture erosion2022-09-18
158The QAnon conspiracy theory, and how to counter it and others like it2022-09-11
157How to make your software engineering job advertisements gender-inclusive2022-09-04
156Spicy papers with a grain of salt, tl;dr edition2022-09-01
155Introduce yourself to your team by writing a personal user manual2022-08-31
154阻住地球轉: Please move aside!2022-08-01
153Een dag in het leven van een backend engineer bij NOS Digitale Media2022-07-05
152Cube buses be bussin’2022-07-01
151A Sprinter Lighttrain (SLT) for your terminal2022-06-20
150The five stages of job satisfaction2022-05-15
1492 BA Master? Hoe academische titels (niet) werken2022-05-10
148An analysis of Chinese restaurant names in the Netherlands2022-02-01
147Lead poisoning and death in the Roman empire2022-01-30
146Why snake_case is better than camelCase2022-01-23
145Why camelCase is better than snake_case2022-01-16
144A checklist for controlled program comprehension experiments2022-01-09
143What is the best programming language for beginners?2022-01-02
142Tiny catastrophes with apostrophes2022-01-01
141My 2021 in review2021-12-31
140The effect of servant leadership on the effectiveness of Scrum teams2021-12-26
139Storing trees in a database table2021-12-25
138Hoe zit de Nederlandse publieke omroep in elkaar?2021-12-24
137Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy survey respondents2021-12-19
136Ways to facilitate communication and coordination between departments2021-12-16
135Gender stereotypes are steering girls away from STEM2021-12-12
134How to deal with Dutch compound words when processing text2021-12-10
133Is there a time and place for single-letter variable names?2021-12-05
132I went completely loco with some logos2021-12-01
131The place to be for a PhD2021-11-30
130A gentle introduction to ensemble learning2021-11-28
129You really shouldn’t spend so much time working2021-11-21
128How to use the System Usability Scale (SUS) in 20212021-11-14
127For decision making, speaking is silver – but so is silence2021-11-07
126Blursed async PHP: Dumb, but also kind of fun2021-11-01
125Ghost writing providers for essays and assignments are cheap and plentiful2021-10-31
124How (not) to use the variance inflation factor2021-10-24
123Casting doubt on the ability of tools to measure technical debt2021-10-17
122A good centurion is worth their weight in a model2021-10-10
121How many hands make light work in computer science student projects2021-10-03
120Why Wikipedia is weirder than you think2021-10-01
119What do regular expression bugs look like?2021-09-26
118Why and how do developers tweet about GitHub projects?2021-09-19
117You should be able to turn off your camera in virtual meetings2021-09-12
116What happened to the Semantic Web?2021-09-05
115Translate Dutch to English like it’s 19992021-09-01
114Do Java developers write better Python? Studying off-language code quality on GitHub2021-08-29
113Does code structure affect comprehension? On using and naming intermediate variables2021-08-22
112What it would take to use mutation testing in industry – A study at Facebook2021-08-15
111Towards inclusive software engineering through A/B testing: A case-study at Windows2021-08-08
110How (not) to install WordPress on Kubernetes2021-08-01
109Towards an improved methodology for automated readability prediction2021-07-25
108Water, toilets and public health in the Roman era2021-07-18
107Response option configuration of online administered Likert scales2021-07-11
106Investigating the temporal relationship between proactive burnout prevention and burnout2021-07-04
105The big FAQ you never asked for2021-07-01
104A case analysis of enabling continuous software deployment through knowledge management2021-06-27
103Résumé-driven development: A definition and empirical characterization2021-06-20
102Website: The Original Series2021-06-16
101A replicable comparison study of NER software: StanfordNLP, NLTK, OpenNLP, SpaCy, GATE2021-06-13
100Computers for commuters: A brief history of my mobile (and less mobile) computing devices 2021-06-08
99Should you upgrade official Docker Hub images in production environments?2021-06-06
98COPTCHA: A Completely Original Public Turing test to tell bad Cops and Humans Apart2021-06-01
97Understanding information needs of agile teams to improve requirements communication2021-05-30
96When and how to JOIN a table with itself2021-05-25
95Inter-team coordination mechanisms in large-scale agile2021-05-23
94Does ACM’s code of ethics change ethical decision making in software development?2021-05-16
93How I separate my private and professional online browsing2021-05-15
92Building up my LEGO collection, brick by brick2021-05-10
91Truth is a lie: Crowd truth and the seven myths of human annotation2021-05-09
90How do you number SELECT query results using SQL?2021-05-05
89Expressions of sentiments during code reviews: Male vs. female2021-05-02
88Frequently asked questions about my bookcase2021-04-28
87Old habits die hard: Why refactoring for understandability does not give immediate benefits2021-04-25
86Deploying apps on OpenShift: a stupid comparison between PHP, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and GraalVM2021-04-25
85“That’s beyond the scope of this paper”2021-04-18
84How do you use htop in Linux?2021-04-15
83Crowdsourcing in computing education research: Case Amazon MTurk2021-04-11
82How to run PHPUnit tests in PhpStorm2021-04-05
81Measuring programming experience2021-04-04
80An empirical validation of cognitive complexity as a measure of source code understandability2021-03-28
79How to fix MySQL Workbench 8 for Mac2021-03-25
78Please turn your cameras on: Remote onboarding of software developers during a pandemic2021-03-21
77Should you use Docker with WSL2 to develop large PHP apps on Windows?2021-03-15
76Would you prefer pie or cupcakes?2021-03-14
75MDX: The good, the bad, and the ugly2020-10-05
74Website: The Next.js Generation2020-09-20
73Using data to improve your bus and train rides2020-09-20
72Creating student magazines with LaTeX and Bonaparticle2020-09-20
71Dutch rolling stock, recreated using HTML and CSS2020-05-05
70When testing meets code review: Why and how developers review tests2019-12-08
69Finding the data unicorn: A hierarchy of hybridity in data and computational journalism2019-12-01
68Conway’s Game of Life: Creating complex patterns from simple rules2019-12-01
67Evaluating ontological decisions with OntoClean2019-11-24
66Are static analysis violations really fixed?2019-11-17
65Search as a news curator: The role of Google in shaping attention to news information2019-11-10
64Join the ACM for the magazine, stay for the books2019-11-05
63Allonsay’s language classification algorithm2019-11-05
62Automating chaos experiments in production2019-11-03
61Has Apple lost its mind?2019-11-01
60Understanding children’s perception of privacy risks online2019-10-27
59Finding the most common words in a set of texts for a word cloud2019-10-25
58Using planning poker for combining expert estimates in software projects2019-10-20
57Negative results for software effort estimation2019-10-13
56(Not) looping over lists in PHP2019-10-10
55Scalable transfer patterns2019-10-06
54China Southern Airlines2019-10-01
53Gender diversity and women in software teams2019-09-29
52Understanding large-scale software – A hierarchical view2019-09-22
51Practitioners’ views on good software testing practices2019-09-15
50Beyond the code itself: How programmers really look at pull requests2019-09-08
49Migrating to GraphQL: A practical assessment2019-09-01
48Robot journalism at NOS2019-05-27
47The use of UML in software maintenance and its perceived benefits and hurdles2019-05-26
46Is beautiful really usable?2019-05-19
45What is beautiful is usable2019-05-12
44Uncovering architectural design decisions2019-05-05
43Studying the impact of adopting continuous integration on the delivery time of pull requests 2019-04-28
42Exploring ScrumBut – An empirical study of Scrum anti-patterns2019-04-21
41Cross-cultural web usability model2019-04-14
40Teamwork quality and project success in software development: A survey of agile development teams2019-04-07
39How do design decisions affect the distribution of software metrics?2019-03-31
38Do software engineers use autocompletion features differently than other developers? 2019-03-24
37Does it really matter to test-first or to test-last?2019-03-17
36I’m leaving you, Travis: A continuous integration breakup story2019-03-10
35Intrusion of software robots into journalism2019-03-03
34Measuring perceived usability: The CSUQ, SUS, and UMUX2019-02-24
33The pricey bill of technical debt: When and by whom will it be paid?2019-02-17
32On the usage of Pythonic idioms2019-02-10
31Empirical study on the relationship between developer’s working habits and efficiency 2019-02-03
30Do programmers work at night or during the weekend?2019-01-27
29JIT feedback – what experienced developers like about static analysis2019-01-20
28Micro-clones in evolving software2019-01-13
27Deep code comment generation2019-01-06
26Deep code search2018-12-30
25Loud and interactive paper prototyping in requirements elicitation: What is it good for? 2018-12-23
24Learning from mistakes: An empirical study of elicitation interviews performed by novices 2018-12-16
23Are developers aware of the architectural impact of their changes?2018-12-09
22Are code examples on an online Q&A forum reliable? A study of API misuse on Stack Overflow 2018-12-02
21Building a theory of job rotation in software engineering from an instrumental case study 2018-11-25
20Code smells for model-view-controller architectures2018-11-18
19Predicting estimated time of arrival for commercial flights2018-11-11
18Fake news vs satire: A dataset and analysis2018-11-04
17Does goal-oriented requirements engineering achieve its goal?2018-10-28
16A large-scale empirical study on linguistic antipatterns affecting APIs2018-10-21
15Recreating Conway’s Game of Life using React2018-10-17
14Automatically assessing code understandability: How far are we?2018-10-14
13Software development waste2018-10-07
12Belief & evidence in empirical software engineering2018-09-30
11How not to structure your database-backed web applications2018-09-23
10Do you remember this source code?2018-09-16
9Enhancing person-job fit for talent recruitment: An ability-aware neural network approach 2018-09-09
8An industrial evaluation of unit test generation: Finding real faults in a financial application 2018-09-02
7Online job search: Study of users’ search behavior using search engine query logs 2018-08-26
6We don’t need another hero? The impact of “heroes” in software development2018-08-19
5Rethinking thinking aloud: A comparison of three think-aloud protocols2018-08-12
4When not to comment: Questions and tradeoffs with API documentation for C++ projects 2018-08-05
3Characteristics of useful code reviews: An empirical study at Microsoft2018-07-29
2The impact of code review coverage and code review participation on software quality 2018-07-22
1Datetime formatting in Go2018-06-10