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Building up my LEGO collection, brick by brick


This page keeps track of my humble LEGO collection that I (passively) built up over the past decades.

Emmet Brickowski
“Who cares if it costs an arm and a LEG(O)?”

I’m not a huge fan of LEGO, but I liked it enough to buy two fairly expensive sets during the pandemic. Apparently I also like it enough to catalogue all my LEGO sets on this page.

Anyway, the table below lists virtually every single LEGO set that I currently own or have owned in the past. I have tried to sort it by release date and set number, but LEGO’s numbering system is a bit of a mess and some sets were released multiple times in different years under different numbers.

Most of the sets that I owned as a kid were originally obtained “for free” as Sinterklaas gifts or at Shell service stations using loyalty points. The newer sets were all bought using adult money, because I don’t have enough other things to spend my money on.

YearSet numberNamePieces
19941642Sea Eagle *15
19941644Wind Whirler *17
19941646Land Laser *13
19941649Sea Skimmer *17
19941730Snow Scooter *24
19941731Ice Planet Scooter *13
19946537Hydro Racer *44
19951760Go-Cart *12
19951761Paradisa Speedboat *16
19961747Treasure Surprise *18
19961749Paravane *9
19961752Boat with Armor *17
19966232Skeleton Crew *17
19966517Water Jet *23
19976818Cyborg Scout *33
19982539Fright Knights Flying Machine *17
19985928Bi-Wing Baron *64
19986140Crab *73
201710255Assembly Square3966
201921319Central Perk1042
202030411Chocolate Box & Flower75
202040417Year of the Ox167
202040436Lucky Cat134
202060249Street Sweeper85
202092176NASA Apollo Saturn V1969
202130414Emma's Magical Box polybag67
202140486Mini Adidas Originals Superstar87

Sets marked with an asterisk are no longer in my possession.

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