About Chuniversiteit

Hello / Hoi / 你好!

I’m Chun Fei Lung. “Chun Fei” is my given name, “Lung” is my family name. Native Cantonese speakers can pronounce my name as 龍振飛, but should otherwise not try to write or speak to me in Cantonese. I’m a native Dutch speaker, so everyone else can call me “”, for which the preferred pronunciation kind of rhymes with “dissertation”, spoken with a Dutch accent.

My pronouns are he/him, so if you are trying to hire me for a tech position I’m probably not a great diversity hire.

I often – but not always – use Chuniversiteit (pronounced Chuniversi-tite) as my online handle, for no particular reason. On some older platforms I use the name Diocletianus, also for no particular reason.


I currently work as a backend engineer at the Digital department of the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), a public service broadcaster in the Netherlands that creates news, sports, and event programmes. I’m also an elected member of the company’s staff representation (Ondernemingsraad) for the next few years.

My previous employers include Rabobank and InTraffic; the latter is a Dutch software services company that specialises in public transportation and .

There’s more information in my CV if you’re interested. I’m not actively looking for new opportunities right now, but feel free to get in touch if your organisation operates a rapid transit system, a global hub airport, or a respectable number of wide-body aircraft.

My endgame is to work at a public non-tech company that manages some critical part of Dutch infrastructure and a research university, but I don’t expect this to happen any time soon.


I spent six months studying Computing Science at Radboud University somewhere around 2008 before I got bored and transferred to Utrecht University, from which I now hold a BSc in Information Science (cum laude).

Additionally, I hold a MSc in Information Studies (also cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam (although I probably spent most of my time at VU University Amsterdam). I’m currently pursuing another MSc, in Software Engineering, at the Open University of the Netherlands, because I was bored again.

I might pursue a PhD some day, but my priorities lie somewhere else right now. Besides, cherrypicking courses is more fun.

Tech stack

I don’t have a favourite tech stack, but most of my professional projects are written in PHP. It’s fine.

For my personal projects, I use:

  • JavaScript (or TypeScript) if it’s a web app
  • Go if it needs to stay small and nimble
  • Python if I want to use certain libraries
  • Java if it needs to last
  • Kotlin if I’m lazy
  • Haskell if I’m crazy
  • Bash if I have nothing else available
  • TeX if someone holds a gun to my head

My preferred databases are SQLite and MariaDB. I sometimes use PostgreSQL, Neo4J, Redis, and some obscure triplestores. I wouldn’t touch MongoDB with a ten-foot pole unless I’m building a throwaway prototype.


You can easily contact me via social media for pretty much any reason other than sales or recruitment. My GitHub profile also lists my corporate email address, which you can use if you prefer to avoid social media.