About Chuniversiteit

Hello / Hoi / 你好!

I’m Chun Fei Lung, a backend engineer and member of the Ondernemingsraad at the . I make all kinds of cool stuff with tech and text, which I sometimes also post here.

I hold a BSc in Information Science (cum laude) from Utrecht University and a MSc in Information Studies (also cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam. I’m currently pursuing another MSc, in Software Engineering at the Open University of the Netherlands, because I was bored.

You can also find all of this information (and more) in my CV.

What is Chuniversiteit?

Chuniversiteit is both my online handle and my personal website. Right now you’re looking at the latter.

I regularly write about programming, design, software engineering and other things that I find interesting, as a way to keep track of things that I have read or done.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message via email if you have any feedback; you can find my address on my GitHub profile.