Has Apple lost its mind?

PC guy and Mac guy standing next each other

No one was entirely sure what would happen to Apple when its CEO, Steve Jobs, died in 2011. Would someone else take up the torch and carry on Jobs’s legacy or would Apple slowly devolve into a faceless money-grabbing corporation like its main competitor? Many believed that the latter would happen.

In a way, that’s exactly what happened. Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, isn’t quite as visible (and divisive) as his predecessor, but nowadays the company is also more valuable than it ever was under Jobs’s reign. Moreover, Cook’s Apple hasn’t released any groundbreaking new products like iTunes, iPhone, and iPad that literally change the world.

Their products are still good though (if a little pricey), and that’s what matters most to those who buy Apple products.

I’m not talking about the iPhone and iPad, which Apple can safely milk for profits by launching slightly improved versions every year – we’ve seen the introduction of completely new product lines too. While none of them are particularly groundbreaking or even innovative, they are generally quite good. Some notable “hits” from the past 8 years include:

Of course, there were also some really big “misses”:

But improvements have been made too!

The new Apple seems more willing to listen to consumers when things aren’t horribly broken, which gives us things like public betas, dark mode, proper file managers on iOS, and privacy-friendliness.

Moreover, the success of Apple Pay shows that Cook’s Apple is in a very good position to introduce new types of products and services that get noticed and thus adopted by the masses.

The only thing that’s still missing are the groundbreaking innovations that can change the world.

What do you think? Does Apple need a new Jobs?