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Chun Fei Lung

I’m currently a whatever you want engineer at NOS, a public service broadcaster in the Netherlands. I received my bachelor’s degree in information science from Utrecht University, my master’s degree in information studies from the University of Amsterdam, and my master’s degree in software engineering from the Open University of the Netherlands.

My primary interests include software engineering, human factors, public transport, and academia.

“Heap, Heap, Array!”

Fun with functions (and other stuff)

Living the Pipe Dream

2024 is the year of the Linux desktop (but mostly servers)

Flat Earth

It’s all downhill from here

The Toilet Paper

Summaries of spicy papers with a grain of salt


A section for people who inexplicably like bruine boterhammen met kaas

The Middle Qingdom

Chunfeicius says…

Well Played

It’s all bread and games until someone loses

Super­productivity at Room Temperature

Tools, tips & tricks for techies

Captain’s Blog

The holodeck safety protocols malfunctioned again today…

The Project Aisle

A gallery of recent project launches