About Chuniversiteit

Some people like building software. Others are more into designing software. And then there are also “those” people who don’t ever seem to be able to pick what they like most.

Chun Fei is such a person. His musical skills and talent barely rival that of a goldfish, but fortunately he is quite skilled at making websites. Therefore he calls himself a developer-designer – it’s a bit like being a singer-songwriter, but then without the ability to either sing or write songs.

He usually designs and builds websites and applications for others, but strangely enough he never had a website of his own. This was further exacerbated by the fact that his business cards include a URL that used to lead to an empty page.

Used to, because now this website’s here!

Privacy policy

Chuniversiteit is a so-called static website This is a fancy way to say that this website has no moving parts that can be easily broken or hacked into. and is hosted on a global content delivery network (CDN).

Google Analytics is used to keep track of website traffic. Some measures have been taken to protect your privacy as much as possible: