About the author

Hello / Hoi / 你好!

I’m Chun Fei Lung. “Chun Fei” is my given name, “Lung” is my family name. Native Cantonese speakers may pronounce my name as 龍振飛, but should otherwise not try to write or speak to me in Cantonese (which I don’t really speak that well). Everyone else can call me “”, for which the preferred pronunciation rhymes with “dissertation” when spoken with a thick Dutch accent. As someone who was born and raised in the Netherlands I prefer the latter pronunciation.

My pronouns are he/him and all my friends are white, so if you are trying to hire me for a tech position in the Netherlands I’m probably not a great diversity hire.

I often use Chuniversiteit (rhymes with “shite”) as my online handle, for no particular reason. Some of my older accounts use the name Diocletianus (does not rhyme with “anus”), also for no particular reason.



I spent six months studying Computing Science at Radboud University somewhere around 2008 before I got bored and transferred to Utrecht University, from which I received a BSc in Information Science (cum laude).

Additionally, I hold a MSc in Information Studies (also cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam (although I probably spent most of my time at VU University Amsterdam) and a MSc in Software Engineering from the Open University of the Netherlands (alsø alsø cum laude).

I might pursue a PhD or LLM some day, but my priorities lie somewhere else right now. Besides, cherrypicking online courses is more fun.



I started my career as a user experience research intern at the headquarters of Rabobank, a multinational banking and financial services company. After receiving my master’s degree, I became a programmer (and later technical designer) at InTraffic, a Dutch software services and consulting company that operates in the public transportation sector. . I also may or may not have ghostwritten things for “friends”.

I currently work as a full-stack engineer at the IT/broadcasting department of the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), a public service broadcaster in the Netherlands that makes news, sports, and event programmes, after having spent almost four years at the Digital department. I’ve also been serving as an elected member of the company’s works council (Ondernemingsraad) since 2021 and will continue to do so until February 2024.

Hey, recruiters


While I’m fairly content with my current job, I would probably welcome a change of scenery by then. My wish list:

  • 👍 A Dutch (semi-)governmental organisation, a company in the public transport, commercial aviation or some other cool industry. Preferably something I haven’t done before.

  • 👍 Organisations that work for the public good and/or take corporate social responsibility seriously. I want to be able to sleep at night.

  • 👍 I feel most at home in corporate environments, even if they come with challenging organisational politics. Bonus points if I can have a decent bite before I go home at the end of the day.

  • 👍 A decent salary. It doesn’t have to be outrageously high, I just need enough to buy a house in the Randstad.

by sending a message via LinkedIn or to the personal email address (it’s at the bottom of this page). Do NOT email me on my work address.

Tech stack


I don’t have a favourite tech stack, but most of my professional projects are written in PHP. It’s not the nicest language, but it gets the job done well enough.

For my personal projects, I use:

  • JavaScript (or TypeScript) with React if it’s a web app

  • Go if it needs to stay small and nimble

  • Python if I want to use certain libraries

  • Java if it needs to last

  • Kotlin if I’m lazy

  • Haskell if I’m crazy

  • C# if I’m feeling like a developer, developer, developer

  • Bash if I have nothing else available

  • TeX if someone holds a gun to my head

My preferred databases are SQLite and MariaDB. I sometimes use Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Neo4J, Redis, and some obscure triplestores. I wouldn’t touch MongoDB or anything else that’s being hyped on Twitter with a ten-foot pole unless I’m building a throwaway prototype.



You can message me via one of my social media accounts that are linked in the footer below or by sending an old-fashioned email to cflung you-know-what for pretty much any possible reason. I usually reply within 3 business days.